Raquel Amat is a professional Spanish artist who has studied Fine Arts in the University of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain and performed a Printmaking MA at Eugeniusz Gepper Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.
She has been working with different forms of printmaking in Spain, Poland and Germany where she worked at Dreipunkt-Edition and currently she is the Studio Technician and Manager at Belfast print Workshop in Northern Ireland.
Her influences are many and range from surrealism to abstract minimalism. She uses print has her main artwork medium. Her work brings us through the techniques of lithography to Japanese mokulito and different forms of artist books, book installations and ceramics. She is an interdisciplinary artist who experiments with technique research and deeply analyses the human condition and limits of reality being used as a base of her bodywork which continue to surprise the viewer and transport him to the hidden world of the human subconscious.
She speaks of imagination as the beginning of the creation of our dreams posing them as roads we both take in a rational and irrational way. She uses this representation as a mirror of our soul bringing it through shapes that symbolize thoughts, emotions, feelings and fears.